Fishing Jacket & Trouser Sets

Fishing Jacket and Trouser Sets

A fishing jacket and trouser set is an essential piece of kit for the all-weather angler. Fishing jackets are highly durable, waterproof, windproof, and thermal. Warm, waterproof clothing is a must-have whether you are a commercial fisherman facing the fury of the North Sea, a recreational fisher taking on the waves, wind, and rain of a British quayside, or an angler setting up camp on a British river bank.

Jackets and Trousers

Protection from the elements is essential for all anglers as it is certainly true that great fishing will not always coincide with perfect weather. Therefore you need to make sure your outer shell is waterproof, windproof, and breathable. Your fishing jacket will also serve as a storage facility for a variety of accessories, flies, leaders, and snacks. It is therefore important to have plenty of big pockets that are easy to get into.

Fishing jackets and trousers may include any number of modern features and new technologies.

Jackets and trousers made from GORE-TEX are not 100% waterproof, but tend to be very water repellent. GORE-TEX is very breathable which means that your sweat will evaporate, and prevent your inner layer from becoming soggy, damp, and cold. Many brands offer coats with technology and wicking elements comparable to GORE-TEX, but at cheaper prices.

Freedom of movement is important for a fisherman to enable casting, reeling, and balance. When buying a fishing jacket you should aim for a generous fit, with added room for inner and base layers. If you are fly-fishing you need plenty of room for all your equipment like bait , heads, polyleaders, snips, measures and snacks.

Durable Water Repellency is a coating for jackets and trousers that is both breathable and very water repellent. As with GORE-TEX, DWR is not completely waterproof but offers greater protection against the elements.