Exercise Balls

Improve Your Workout With Exercise Balls on eBay

On those days when you just can't fit in a workout at the gym, you can get many of the same benefits by using an exercise ball at home. Different types of workout balls are available for sale on eBay, including balls designed for yoga stretches as well as some ideal for strength training. Browse the listings to find an exercise ball that is well suited to your workout style.

What are some uses for inflatable exercise balls?

Inflatable exercise balls come in a few different sizes, commonly ranging from 55 centimetres to 85 centimetres in diameter. See the manufacturer site for details. These balls are most often used in floor exercises, such as yoga or Pilates. A new or used yoga ball allows you to add more exercises into your yoga routine. For use in Pilates or more strenuous floor exercises, some inflatable exercise balls include attached resistance bands for strength training. Smaller, 30-centimetre exercise balls are less common but can also be used in floor exercises and stretches.

Yoga and Pilates balls are also used in pregnancy exercises and child birthing. Stretching on these inflatable balls while in labour can ease the pain for the mother and increase the birthing positions available. Though some balls are advertised as made specifically for child birthing, there's no significant difference between these and those designed for yoga.

Because the balls are inflatable, they can easily be deflated for storage or transport. These are convenient to bring to the gym or store in a small space at home. Some of these exercise balls on eBay come with a hand pump. If a hand pump is not included, you may be able to find hand pumps by themselves.

Weighted medicine balls

Another type of workout ball found on eBay is the weighted medicine ball. This type is smaller than inflatable exercise balls and is measured by weight rather than diameter. These physio balls are often found in weights from 2 kilograms to 12 kilograms. The balls can be purchased individually or as sets. In strength training, sets of weighted balls are ideal so that you can gradually increase the weight as your workout progresses.

Massage balls for relief after workout

The small exercise balls available are massage balls, also known as roller balls or rehabilitation balls. These are used after your workout to provide relief to your tense muscles. They are designed to be rolled over your muscles to massage out stiffness and knots. These massage gym balls are typically made of rubber or plastic with either a spiky or smooth exterior. The spiky balls work to knead into the muscle being massaged.