Detachable Groundsheet Fishing Bivvies

Fishing Bivvies with Detachable Groundsheets

The bivvy is a must-have piece of fishing equipment for most serious anglers. Weatherproof to keep the occupier warm at night - or during the daytime in the winter months - good quality fishing bivvies with detachable groundsheets also help to keep fishing tackle sheltered and dry.

Bivvies with a detachable groundsheet are popular because they're easier to keep clean. Rather than having to pack the bivvy up with dirty groundsheet attached, the parts can be separated so the bivvy skins stay clean. It's also easier to clean up bait spills and other mess when the groundsheet is detachable.

Most styles of fishing bivvy can be found with the detachable groundsheet option - it's usually a case of checking features before purchasing. From a one-man shelter for the day that goes up (and comes down) in a matter of seconds, to a larger, more robust stormproof bivvy for longer stays, there's plenty of choice.

Pram hood fishing bivvies

Pram hood fishing bivvies can be really spacious. Most are quick to erect, which is particularly useful for anglers who have to face unfavourable conditions when they arrive at the riverbank. Lots of pram hood style bivvies are twin skinned, keeping them warm and free from condensation. Porch areas on pram hood bivvies are great for storing things like waders and bait.

Short session fishing bivvies

Short session fishing bivvies - also known as day shelters, brolly shelters or brolly domes - are extremely lightweight and can be carried, moved, put up and taken down really easily (just like an umbrella!) They're ideal for anglers staying for a single day or overnight - or for those who stay for several nights but move around a lot during that time.

Short session fishing bivvies are waterproof to provide shelter from the rain, wind and cold, as well as surprisingly roomy - so they're great for offering protection from the sun too. Short session fishing bivvies with detachable groundsheets are an ideal affordable option for budget-conscious anglers.