Fishing Bite Alarms

Fishing Bite Alarms

Whether you are a novice on the water or you are a seasoned angler who is in search state-of-the-art piece of equipment, you will find what you are looking for here on eBay. A selection of new and used alarms, indicators and receivers are available from a variety of top brands including Nash, Fox, Delkim, Steve Neville and Prologic.

Bite Alarms

Watching over a float or quivertip non-stop for long periods of time can be a strenuous and almost impossible task, which can leave you drifting off to sleep and missing the action. Bite alarms are designed to combat this problem and make your life easier. Alarms will support anglers of all ability levels, enabling them to fish throughout the day and continue into the night. Once traps have been set you can relax and get some well-deserved rest, safe in the knowledge that you will not miss a bite. If you are an experienced angler, choose the best selling Prologic R2L Bite Alarm.


A bite indicator does exactly what it says on the tin and indicates potential bites. Working in conjunction with your bite alarm an indicator attaches to the end of your line, providing you with the support and sensitivity needed for different fishing conditions. Once set up, indicators will allow your bite alarm to signal runs away from you, as well as drop-backs. This can be useful when determining the ferocity of the take, allowing you to better judge when to set your hook. The JRC Kurve Fishing Indicator System is often a popular choice with customers.

Bite Alarm Receivers

A firm favourite for many anglers, receivers are designed to alert you of a bite on your line via a varied number of signals. Modern technology has made the once unreliable and inaccurate tools into precision tuned pieces of equipment. Choose between vibration, sound, or LED settings to notify you when you have a bite. If you are in search of bite alarm and receiver set, try the Sonik SKS Alarm 3 Rod Set and Receiver.