RC Aeroplane Models & Kits

RC Aeroplane Models and Kits

RC aeroplane models and kits are the ultimate fun for people of all ages. All remote control toys have a sense of fun that non-electronic toys struggle to compete with and RC aeroplanes take the experience one step further by taking it to the air. Each model will vary by make, performance and fuel type and each model will suit different audiences.

There are three many fuel types for RC aeroplanes, these are electric, nitro/glow fuel and petrol. There are benefits to each fuel type and the best fit will vary depending on individual need. Electrically powered RC aeroplane models and kits are becoming increasingly more available in recent years and these are typically a better option for beginners because they are cheaper and less maintenance to run. Nitro/glow fuel and petrol aeroplanes are typically more specialist toys, perfect for experienced flyers. On average, petrol engines have the longest flight times and better performance but this will vary on the individual model and make.

As well as deciding the right fuel type, there are also a variety of brands to choose from. ParkZone, MULTIPLEX, HobbyZone, E-Flite, Dynam and Futaba are all popular brands, as well a variety of unbranded options. Each brand can then be broken down further by the specific model and model type.

Trainer RC aeroplane models are great for beginners because they have an easier control system and typically less maintenance. Aerobatic RC aeroplane models are perfect for skilled RC flyers and they will provide an enjoyable experience with a lot of agility and performance in the design. Scale RC aeroplane models are great for plane enthusiasts because each model will represent a popular plane or make. The scale planes can often come as a military design and they can be made from metal, wood or foam.