400x400mm Vesa TV Wall Mounts and Brackets

Get a 400x400mm VESA TV Wall Mount or Brackets for Great Television Viewing

It is never a bad time to watch television, so you may as well make the experience memorable. A new or used 400mm x 400mm VESA TV wall mount or bracket could be just what you need to make some memories while watching your favourite movies and television shows. Each of the items available on eBay is made of exceptional materials that will be strong, durable, and functional for many years.

What does the VESA pattern mean?

A TV bracket VESA 400 means that you can use it to attach a television with the same exact measurements. Some of the 400 series mounts are also capable of holding smaller or larger televisions.

The VESA pattern is located on the back of your television. As long as you have a flat-screen television, youll be able to find the pattern rather quickly. On the back of television are four screws that are arranged in a square or rectangle. Those are the screws used to attach your television to the TV bracket VESA 400.

The 400 is measured in millimetres. If you dont have the original paperwork that accompanied your television, you can simply measure the distance to determine the exact size VESA pattern that you need.

How much weight can a TV bracket VESA 400 hold?

Your new mount or bracket, when attached to the studs in the wall, can safely hold up to about 50 kilograms. Most companies engineer these mounts and brackets to hold enough weight for a typical television.

If you want to add some additional items to the bracket, you must take that extra weight into consideration. Some of the new and used products on eBay allow more weight to be carried, so be sure to read the listing carefully for maximum safety and success.

What are some of the features of these items?

These great products can be used in several ways. It is common to have a fixed mount system. With the fixed mount, the television will stay at the desired location without moving.

If you want to provide more ample viewing pleasure for yourself and guests, you may want to consider a TV bracket VESA 400 that is mobile. Some of these mounts allow you to change the viewing angles rather quickly.

You can choose from mounts and brackets that offer one or more of the following features:

  • Swivel
  • Tilt
  • Tilt and swivel
  • Full motion

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