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The Nikon D700 and Its Features Explained

Shoot gorgeous photographs with the 12.1 megapixel Nikon D700 body for a professional look every time. The Nikon D700 body is a digital camera with a huge ISO range and high shutter speed, and this camera body is a perfect choice for the professional and amateur alike. The selection of quality Nikon D700 bodies on eBay will make your choice easy since eBay has all ranges of age and price in stock.

How fast does the Nikon D700 body shoot?

This camera shoots at five frames per second without the battery pack adjustment. If you buy the MB-D10 Multi-power battery pack, it shoots up to eight frames per second. These are both continuous speeds so that you don't miss so much as a bird feather. There are two shooting modes, allowing for hand-held or tripod shooting. This camera comes with a 3-inch, 921,000 dot VGA colour monitor to make your shots easier to frame even if they are a split second long. See the manufacturer site for details.

How tough is this camera?

This camera has a built-in dust reduction system and is tested to 150,000 cycles of shutter use. The Nikon D700 body is made of a tough magnesium-aluminium alloy for many years of use. The dust reduction system utilises four frequencies and an ultrasonic sensor to clean the camera continuously. This system keeps dust from getting in the photos as well as inside the camera body.

How large is the ISO range on the Nikon D700 body?

This camera body has one regular mode plus three additional modes for the ISO, which makes for a huge range. The modes are:

  • Regular 200-6400 ISO - This will cover most shots ranging from indoor to outdoor. In general, the lower the lighting, the higher the ISO. Likewise, the finer the grain needed, the lower the ISO.
  • Lo-1 100 ISO - This is usually for well-lit situations when you want to lower the grain.
  • Hi-1 12,800 ISO - This is usually for lower lighting applications or applications where the shutter speed has to be very fast.
  • Hi-2 25,600 ISO - This is usually for poorly lit areas where definition is still needed, such as art galleries or shows.
What is the autofocus like on the Nikon D700 body?

This camera has a 51-point autofocusing system. It is fast and dynamic and has 3D focus tracking. This means that the camera will follow the subject in focus for you. You can view the autofocus in action if you hold the shutter down halfway. There are three dynamic auto focus modes on this camera in addition to the 51-point autofocusing system.

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