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Secure Your Bike with a Motorcycle GPS Tracker

Did you know that motorcycles worth £3 million are stolen every month in the UK alone? The scariest part of it is that only two in every five of these are ever recovered. Police reports, however, indicate that thieves leave the bikes unattended for a day or more to see if the owner will track them. It suggests the importance of installing a motorbike GPS tracker on your motorcycle, and eBay offer a broad range for all wallets.

Do GPS trackers only use Global Positioning System technology?

No. Most of the "GPS trackers" on eBay use more than one technology to make up for the limitations of the others. They are:

  • GPS: It uses the satellite to pinpoint the location of a device within a radius of four to five meters. However, it is easily blocked.
  • Cellular network: Trackers with this technology use a SIM card and the Global Systems Mobile, GSM communication network. Just like a phone, it can send and receive messages. General Packet Radio Service, GPRS, is an upgrade of GSM. It allows communication between the tracking device and the monitoring phone or laptop through the internet.
  • RF beacon: Radio Frequency tracking comes in handy in the last mile location of your motorcycle. It is so powerful in close range that you can even use it to locate a bike in a freight container.
What other functionalities should you expect in motorbike GPS tracker?

A motorbike GPS tracker can do more than locate your bike when it is lost. Some of these additional functionalities include:

  • Real-time location details: With the right tracker, you can always keep an eye on the current location of your motorcycle.
  • Immobilisation: You can use your tracker to immobilise your bike. All you need is to switch off certain operating system electronics or lock the wheel disk.
  • Set off an alarm: Some motorcycle GPS trackers come with active alarm systems that you can remotely activate before switching off the engine.
Can you track and retrieve your bike single-handedly?

You can do all the work, most of the time, if you have the right motorcycle GPS tracker. It will automatically trigger an alarm on the bike, before switching off the engine. Most thieves will panic and leave your bike on the side of the road. You can then track it using your phone and take it back home.