Wedding Card Boxes

Prepare for Generous Gifting with Wedding Card Boxes

Wedding card boxes are an easy way to keep cards and certain gifts safe during the wedding ceremony and reception while everyone is dining, dancing, and celebrating the new happy union. It is also useful for transportation and organisational purposes as it is easier to pick up a single card box and take it from the event home or to another location without concern of dropping the cards everywhere. Those looking for wedding card boxes for their big day can find many options that range in styles and sizes.

Choosing the right wedding card box

If you don't already have a chic wedding card box idea in mind, then browsing eBay's wide selection is a great place to start:

  • Material: You may find boxes made from glass, wood, or ceramic in addition to other unique materials, so consider whether you'd like to use it for just the ceremony or keep it in the home as decoration.
  • Design: While your card box should fit in with the aesthetic of your wedding, you may also want to consider other design elements: You may find boxes with a lock and key for added security or wire bird houses that easily receive cards. Consider things like the positioning of the slot, top or side, or whether you'd like a solid lid you can just open and close.
Are wedding card boxes customisable?

For some orders, you can choose only certain options, such as requesting the wedding card box be one of a variety of colours or include a specific colour of ribbon or faux flower, and others arrive as is. There are also options that grant more personalisation selections, such as the names of the couple and a specific date.

Can you find used wedding card boxes?

It is possible to buy used wedding card boxes that have either been used for a wedding, were purchased for one but were never used, or that were used for another special event. There will typically be a mention of the specific condition in the listing and possibly further detail about it in the description.

Do all wedding card boxes feature wording?

Many wedding card boxes do feature wording, such as the first names of the couple, the couple's last name, a monogram, or a certain date, but there are also generalised boxes on eBay. Some of the boxes include no wording at all with only designs like hearts and/or rhinestones while others include words or phrases such as “Just married,” “Cards,” or “Love.” Couples who wish to reuse the wedding box in the future for another occasion may opt to buy boxes that have a generalised design or one with a removable personalisation option.

Is a wedding box for cards see-through?

There are see-through options that let you view the cards inside, but the boxes are either fully enclosed or have a special construction that allow the cards to stay carefully contained without slipping out through the sides or bottom. With other boxes, the only way to see the cards once they are put inside is to open it up.