Wedding Favours

Thank Your Guests With Wedding Favours

As your wedding draws to a close, provide each one of your guests with an adorable favour. Wedding favours are an excellent way to provide a keepsake for your guests and let them know that you appreciate them coming to your wedding. Shop on eBay to find chocolates, glasses, wine charms, and other styles of wedding favours.

What are common types of wedding favours?

Wedding favours come in all shapes and sizes. Here are a few of the traditional styles of wedding favours you'll find right here on eBay:

  • Treats: Candy is always a favourite, but other options include mini bottles of liquor, honey, jam, cookies, or other treats.
  • Self care items: Let your guests pamper themselves with soaps, lotions, or other fancy toiletries.
  • Home decor: Some brides and grooms offer home decor items like candles, picture frames, dishes, or small plants.
  • Personal items: Miscellaneous small items like jewellery, watches, or corkscrews are always appreciated.
What are personalisation options for wedding favours?

If you want a unique wedding favour, check for eBay listings that include personalisation options. The most basic personalisation offering is leaving a blank spot on the favour where you can write the name of the bride and the groom. Other manufacturers may offer to print the name on the favour for you in a font of your choice. Some types of favours also come with the opportunity to add photos, drawings, or colours in the bride and groom's choices.

Can you get different favours for different guests?

In addition to the standard favour that all guests get, you might want to consider selecting some unique wedding favours for certain people at your big event. You can find some specialised favours for these types of weddings guests:

  • Children: If you are handing out a favour that younger guests will not appreciate, select a kids wedding favour option too, such as candy or colouring books.
  • Bridesmaids: For your bridesmaids, hand out favours with nail polish, wine, jewellery, and other special little items.
  • Groomsmen: Thank your groomsmen with options like personalised flasks, beard grooming kits, or other masculine wedding favour ideas.
How can you wrap a wedding favour?

Small containers can help you divide the favours into personalised sizes to pass out at your wedding if you purchased your candy or other wedding favour item in a bulk size. Here are a few excellent options:

  • Paper boxes
  • Fabric bags
  • Paper bags
  • Small jars
  • Tiny bottles

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