Women's Purses & Wallets

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Women's Purses and Wallets

There are more styles of women's purses and wallets available than it's possible to count, so choosing the perfect one can be a challenge. From structured leather wallets that are designed to last for years, to disposable fashion coin purses, you can be sure that this collection has the perfect piece for your needs.

It can be worth having at least a small collection of purses, as they come in so many sizes and styles that some may work better with certain bags and outfits than others. A smart wallet that's great for day to day purchases and fits in an over the shoulder bag may not work so well on a night out when it needs to fit into a clutch or smaller evening bag for example.

The best advice when choosing a purse is to ensure that it fits your requirements, and also that it is big enough to fit in everything it needs to contain. Don't choose a delicate suede number if you need something hard-wearing so opt for something like a leather purse or wallet , and avoid larger purses if you only need to store a few cards and some loose change.

Popular Styles of Purses and Wallets

Smaller purses and particularly coin purses are a popular choice for many women when it comes to buying a new wallet. These are a practical option if you need a purse to fit inside any bag and don't need it to hold too much. Best of all they come in a wide range of styles and colours, which make them a hugely versatile purse, whether you're looking for a girlish patterned and feminine style or something more simple.

Larger wallets are great if you're looking for something more substantial, and particularly if you have lots of cards that need to be contained. Envelope shaped or longer styles are fashionable and practical, and look great in leather and suede. These can often look a lot smarter, so can be good choices for the office or more formal occasions.

Purses with wrist straps are also useful for many women, especially if you like to know you have your wallet on you at all times. These are better in smaller styles though, as larger purses are a lot more comfortable when kept stored safely in your handbag.

Finally, a top tip is to consider how your wallet or purse should open or close. For example, if you tend to hoard lots of coins then a clasp or snap option will probably not be the most practical choice and may end up in lots of loose change rattling around in your bag, in this case zipped purses and wallets would be ideal.