Women's Scarves & Shawls

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Women's Scarves and Shawls

Women's scarves and shawls are endlessly versatile accessories. There's a wide variety of styles available which can be worn for all sorts of different occasions. Choose your colour and fabric according to the season and you have an essential fashion accessory which can become an outfit's saving grace. Women's scarves and shawls also make great gifts.

Many accessories in one

Available in solid colours, floral, paisley or plaids and checks, pashminas are large shawls usually made from fine quality goat's wool. When tied cleverly a pashmina can become a multi-functional accessory which can be worn in a number of ways to great effect.

A pashmina can make a fashionable cape which will sweep around your shoulders to give an extra layer of warmth on a cool summer's night. Alternatively, it can become the extra fashion element to an outfit by transforming into a belt, a headscarf, a casual hair tie or even a skirt.

Women's scarves can inject a burst of colour to lift a neutral toned outfit and are available in countless styles and designs. Scarves made from floaty chiffon, delicate silk or cool cotton or with a high-end designer name will fast become the pride and joy of any woman's wardrobe collection, which can be dressed up or down according to the demands of the day, event or occasion.

It's a wrap

Cosy women's wool scarves made from materials such as luxurious cashmere, angora or lambswool will also add a softness and warmth. Woolen shawls or wraps also make great companions when cloaked around you on a cold winter's day. Oversized blanket scarves or shawls can be draped as a cape or makeshift poncho and again, when tied in different ways can become the eye-catching element to your overall look, whilst simultaneously adding a layer of extra warmth.

Bandanas are large, usually colourful kerchiefs which are worn either around the neck or on the head. They're usually a triangle or square piece of cotton cloth, printed traditionally in a paisley design. This natty, versatile accessory can be rolled and worn as a headband or even worn on top of your head like a bow. A bandana can look good at any time of year but really comes into its own in the warmer months, when it will keep your hair tidy on the beach or the dust and dirt from blowing in your face at a windy festival.