Industrial Wall Chasers

Industrial Wall Chasers

Wall chasers are hand operated power tools that have replaced chasing chisels and hammers. They have electric motors that drive either one or two diamond blades and their purpose is to cut chases, or channels, into walls for electric wiring, conduits and water pipes. Wall chasers can also be used on floors. Browse wall chasers from a range of brands including DEWALT, Draper and Wilti.

Wall Chaser Discs and Settings

The diamond discs used in wall chasers can be adjusted for cut depth with one or two discs being used. When using two discs a wider channel is formed. Twin discs can be adjusted by means of spacers to control the width of the cut. Materials that can be cut include brick, breeze blocks, concrete, cement, plaster and stone.

Lightweight to Heavy Duty Applications

There are many variations of wall chaser available for purchase. The wall chaser that's right for the job will depend on the job itself. As a rule of thumb, light-duty wall chasers can cut up to a maximum of 20mm depth and 23mm width whereas heavy duty wall chasers can cut up to a depth of 40mm and a width of 46mm.

Key Features

Wall chaser features vary model to model but can include current and thermal overrides, guidance by wheel or laser to keep chases straight, dust capture or dust ports that can be attached to dust extraction units and restart protection. Safety clutches de-activate the drive should the blade suddenly become stuck.

110V or 240V Chasers

Wall chasers are available in 110 volt and 240 volt variations. 110 volt tools are used on construction sites, plugged into electricity generators. For work in residential buildings, small housing projects and offices, 240V wall chasers can be plugged into existing power supplies.


Cutting masonry creates an enormous amount of dust which, if breathed in, can be very damaging to health. When using a wall chaser, ensure it is coupled to a dust extraction system and always wear a dust mask. Heavy duty gloves and eye protection should also always be worn.