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Luxury Watches

When looking for a top-quality timepiece, luxury watches are unbeatable. Crafted by skilled artisans and made with only the best materials and movements, luxury watches will reliably tell the time for decades.

A luxury watch is an investment. They need maintenance every few years but, well looked after, luxury watches will stand the test of time, whereas more mass-produced watches will only last a few years. A good quality watch is often viewed as a collector's item and will, in some cases, go on to increase in value. Made from good quality materials such as gold and silver, a luxury watch is as much a decorative piece of jewellery as it is a practical item.

For men, watches are one of the few accessories that can be worn to attract attention and express personality. Luxury timepieces are well respected and, paired with a suit can give the wearer the image of a successful status.

Respected Luxury Brands

We've all heard of Rolex, Omega and Tag Heuer , who all have excellent reputation and respect amongst luxury watchmakers. These brands are held in high esteem as they have proven quality, luxury and reliability, as well as stunning, timeless looks.

Generally it is much easier to find men's luxury watches than women's, but there is still a great variety of luxury brands that create women's timepieces. Jaeger Le Coulture specialise in both men's and women's watches and even create custom bridal pieces.

Cartier also specialise in luxury women's watches that are made for their precision and reliability as well as their beautiful aesthetic.

Vintage Luxury Watches

Because luxury watches last so long, it is also a great idea to invest in vintage watches. Certain models prove examples of watchmaking innovation that became standard or popular after its introduction.

Vintage Rolex watches are amongst the most popular for investment, but a little research will direct any watch lover towards a wide range of vintage pieces. Choose an item that has been recognised for its luxury over the years for a great investment.