Fitness Heart Rate Monitors with Record Sleep

Fitness Heart Rate Monitors with Record Sleep

One of the most popular choices of fitness monitor , fitness heart rate monitors with record sleep functionality provide the wearer with a more complete insight into their overall health.

Fitbit 's Charge HR fitness monitor records how much sleep you get each night, also charting the times during the night that you are restless. This helps you to judge the health of your sleep patterns with a view to making adjustments to your lifestyle where necessary, to improve your sleep quality.

In order to maintain the light, slimline look of this particular fitness monitor, your sleep records are viewed via your mobile device or computer, which syncs with the monitor via the internet or Bluetooth.

This syncing ability is key to all fitness heart rate monitors, as mobility is a primary benefit. Heart rate monitors are by their nature designed to be worn on your person, either on the wrist like a watch or across the chest in order for them to accurately measure your heart rate.

Fitness tracking and connectivity

In addition to the ability to connect to a device via the internet or Bluetooth in order to evaluate the results of the sleep recording, fitness monitors are designed to transmit information on heart rate, calories burned, steps, distance travelled, periods of inactivity and more.

You can also connect many fitness heart monitors with record sleep functionality to third party apps such as Runtastic, Nike and Strava as well as to leading smartphones . Many wrist-watch style heart rate monitors also vibrate when you receive an SMS or phone call so that you do not miss any important calls whilst you are out running or in the gym!

Affordable options for your fitness heart rate monitor

As well as the leading brands such as Fitbit or Tom-Tom, there are many other manufacturers of fitness monitors with record sleep to suit all budgets, from the simple Xiao bracelet at around £20, to several monitors manufactured by Polar at £100+.