Vehicle Engine Hoists & Stands

Vehicle engine hoists and stands

Make sure that your workshop is fully equipped with all the vital pieces of kit, like vehicle engine hoists and stands. From simple engine stands to hydraulic lifts, there's something to suit every size garage. Find the perfect workshop equipment here on eBay to get your garage up and running. 

Engine hoists

Engine hoists are perfect for getting a full view of the engine, letting you get to those hard to reach spots. Choose a hoist with a maximum lift rating of 500kg for something with serious power. The lifting arm is extendable, giving you three different positions that can hold different amounts of weight. 

Get an engine hoist with a load leveller to keep the engine stable so you can be more precise without moving the load. An adjustable hand crank makes for easy movement whilst various holes ensure that you can hang the engine just how you need it. 

Some garages need a serious amount of lift capacity. A heavy duty chain hoist is perfect for lifting engines of up to 1 ton in weight. The simple chain, pulley and hook system is simple and easy to use when compared with hydraulic hoists, and it also takes up less space. Simply clip the top hook onto something stable and then hook up the engine so you can carry out a comprehensive inspection. 

Engine stands

These stands offer stable engine storage. A Hawk Tools heavy duty engine stand can hold up to 680KG thanks to the robust and durable steel design. Adjustable mount arms can fit any type of engine whilst the 360 degree swivel head is fully manoeuvrable. This stand is easily stored thanks to the folding design and wheels on the bottom. 

Smaller, more compact engine stands are available. Made with a simple main stand section and a base, these stands are perfect for smaller garages that deal with smaller engines.