Vehicle Wheel Alignment Systems & Tools

Vehicle wheel alignment systems and tools

It's imperative to keep your wheels aligned when out on the road to keep you safe. Vehicle wheel alignment systems and tools are perfect for helping you to test your alignment and correct any issues. From motorcycle wheel alignment tools to DIY alignment trackers for your home, you'll find whatever workshop equipment you need on eBay. 

DIY wheel alignment tools

Check your alignment with a tracking gauge for your tyres from Trakrite. This super-simple yet highly accurate bit of kit is a must-have for carrying out basic safety checks on your own car. 

Simply drive your straight facing wheel onto the platform to check the alignment of that wheel, then reset the platform and try again with the other wheels. This tyre tracking tool can bear up to one ton of weight from each tyre, letting you check the alignment on a range of different sized vehicles. 

Workshop wheel alignment tools

More heavy-duty and accurate wheel alignment tools are designed for professional use in a garage. A Sealey wheel alignment tool with laser trackers is easy to use and highly accurate thanks to the laser measurement. These tools attach to the wheels to on one side to give an indication of your alignment. 

The portable storage rack lets you store and transport these tools with ease, and they can also be stored away with ease thanks to the flat design when packed away. 

A Ryde motorcycle wheel balancer is a smaller bit of kit that's easy to use. Using gravity to find the heaviest part of the wheel, this balancer is perfect for almost all motorbike wheels, from dirtbikes to superbikes. Easily and precisely align motorbike wheels of up to 250mm in width. 

A heavy duty magnetic gauge tool accurately measures the camber, castor angles and kingpin inclination of your wheel by easily clipping onto the hub of your car's rim