Vehicle Fluid Extractor Pumps

Efficient vehicle fluid extractor pumps

Fluid extractor pumps have been designed to extract fluid from hard to reach or inaccessible areas. The one that you choose will largely depend on how fast you need to extract the liquid. Fluid extractor pumps are normally used for oil however they can also be used for engine fluid and other liquids that cannot be reached manually. There are many types of fluid extractor pumps available on eBay from a range of leading brands including Sealey, Draper and Silverline


Manual extractor pumps usually have a straight, hard plastic hose and then a separate ribbed hose. A manual pumping mechanism connects the two. The plastic pumping mechanism needs to be operated by hand in order to ensure the best results and when the action is stopped, the fluid will continue to flow until the suction is either stopped or slowed. The manual pump is one of the most affordable yet it also requires the most input from the user. 


Vacuum pumps are also very easy to operate. A pull-lever is normally used to start the process. When the lever is primed or pumped, the fluid then starts to flow. If the flow slows then the extractor pump can easily be primed again to resume the operation. Some vacuum pumps are available in many different sizes and when choosing one it is important to take into account the amount of fluid that you plan on extracting. 


Some efficient vehicle pumps come with a huge range of accessories. The accessories that come with the pump can range from funnels to measuring devices and so much more. When choosing your accessories, you need to think about the purpose of your device, the fluid that you are going to be extracting and the volume. Accessories that come with fluid extractor pumps are usually made out of hard, durable plastic and are clear in appearance.