Vehicle Battery Testers

Vehicle battery testers

Ranging from small handheld units to larger multipurpose devices, vehicle battery checkers are available for both simple home use and more regular garage use. Some volt checkers have a simple LED light system to display test results, whereas for more detailed information a large LCD digital display can spell out everything thats been diagnosed. There are battery testers available for both diesel and petrol cars, as well as larger vans and trucks or motorcycles. 

For commercial uses, a large flexible probe can be used across a wide range of vehicles, whereas for home use a simpler smaller battery probe might be sufficient. Airbag checking devices might be handy when buying a second-hand car, and similarly, there are new and refurbished battery checkers available so there are devices for every budget. You can also find vehicle battery testers from a range of leading brands as well as unbranded vehicle battery testers

Home use battery checkers

For a driver who wants to keep an eye on their battery life on a regular basis, there are simple devices that plug into the cigarette lighter socket and read the cars battery level directly, without the driver even having to look under the bonnet. Pocket testers are ideal for taking car shopping and checking a car over, likewise, theyre perfect for checking a part used car battery. 

Jumpstart and power banks

Often its too late before a low battery is spotted and a quick jump start can bring a car back to life safely and easily. Some jump starters dont require another car, and if theyre combined with an integrated tyre air pressure checker and compressor it might be everything needed to revive a car thats not been driven for a while. Power banks provide a portable way to supply battery power quickly, ideal for taking on camping holidays or keeping at home to avoid costly out of hours trips to the garage with a dead battery.