Laptops & Netbooks

Laptops and Netbooks

Perfect for those who need to work on the go, laptops and netbooks keep you connected wherever you are. Choose a laptop if you need a powerful yet portable performance driven machine or go with a netbook if you need to travel light and work mainly online. The range of laptops for sale on eBay range from brand new, refurbished and display models all the way through to used ones.

Available in brands such as HP, Dell and Acer, laptops on eBay come in a variety of different specifications, including different storage capacities and screen resolutions.

HP ProBook laptop

The HP ProBook laptop is an essential machine for those who need a bit of extra power. With a 500GB hard drive and a 1.8GHz AMD processor, this laptop outputs a powerful performance. The Bluetooth functionality allows you to connect with various compatible devices, e.g. speakers, wireless keyboards etc., whilst the built-in webcam lets you video-call any long distance loved ones.

Refurbished Dell Latitude

If you’re looking for a great deal on a nearly new laptop, then a refurbished Dell Latitude may be your ideal machine. With a pleasant blue graphic design on the outside, this laptop packs an impressive 1TB hard drive with 5GB of memory on the inside. The 14.1 inch widescreen monitor shows crystal clear images and comes with Open Office pre-installed - essential for anyone who needs to get straight to work.


The revolutionary Netbook combines the laptop with a tablet. Case in point, the outstanding Acer Aspire Switch Alpha offers a 128GB hard drive with 4GB of RAM. The renowned Windows 10 operating system comes pre-installed, giving you access to everything you need from the get go. Designed to be highly portable and lightweight, this Acer netbook features a detachable keyboard. The compact and easy to carry design make boring long journeys a thing of the past.