Vehicle Tyre Changers & Wheel Balancers

Vehicle tyre changers and wheel balancers

Keep your vehicle in tip-top shape by changing the tyres and making sure you have the correct tyres with the wheel balancers available. Make sure your car is in pristine condition and have a smooth drive with your newly changed tires. Pick from brands ranging from Honda, VEVOR, AMP and many more for the perfect fit for your vehicle. 

Precision and perfection

Make sure you have the perfect wheel fit for your vehicle with a wheel balancing machine, usually allowing between 6 to 18 inch wide tyres onto the mechanism. Use the wheel balancing machine on various vehicles, including ATVs, passenger vehicles/cars, motorbikes and heavy duty/commercial vehicles. 

Easy maintenance

Carry out maintenance on your wheel by taking off the tyre with a tyre changer, or replace damaged or worn-down tyres. Machine or manual, you can replace your tires with ease. With tyre changers from 12 to 240V, depending on your choice between semi and fully automatic, you can effortlessly have your tyre changed in an unusually short amount of time. 

Some automatic tyre changers also have a built-in tyre inflation system. This allows you to re-pump your tyres and place them back on your car with the same machine, saving you money and extending the lifespan of your tyre. 

Pneumatically powered tyre changers are available in abundance, much like the majority of vehicular engineering tools and products, giving you extra control over the process of changing your tyre. 

If you would rather get hands-on and have extra control, the manual tyre iron might be more up your street. Get involved and change your tyres in the classic way. With solid iron and steel tyre irons available, the strength behind the metal bar allows you to remove and insert wheels with the sense of accomplishment of your own work.