Walkers & Canes

Increase Your Independence by Utilising a Mobility Walker

To enjoy more independence as you shop, relax with friends, or do chores at home, use a mobility walker. Options on eBay allow you to pursue your normal activities, and are lightweight, so you can easily move them on your own.

Can a mobility walker support your weight?

Most mobility walkers on eBay are designed to support people of all heights and weights, and many can be adjusted to suit your unique height or weight. Some have a maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds.

Is a mobility walker heavy?

No. Mobility walkers are designed to be used every day, and usually consist of lightweight materials like aluminium. Many options on eBay have four sturdy wheels, which help to distribute your weight evenly, while making it simple to push the device over long distances.

Can all mobility walkers be used as seating?

Some walkers on eBay can be quickly converted into a seat, so you can walk to an event and then have your own seat handy, by lowering the seat. When you are ready, raise the seat within the fame and use it as a walker again. These devices offer the following benefits:

  • They can be folded to be carried in a car or even under your arm.
  • Many have a backrest to provide your body with additional support.
  • A convenient pin allows you to lock the wheels in place.
How do you select the right height for a walker?

The walker you choose should allow you to stand comfortably. If you need to bend or stoop to use it, it is not the right height, and may cause pain in your shoulders or arms. If your walker has a seat, consider how comfortable a painful leg will feel while the seat is being used.

Should you get a separate walker for indoor use?

Several people who use walkers drive themselves from one place to another, and they use a heavier walker while outdoors, so they prefer not to have to lift the walker out of their vehicle for indoor use. Consider the following when selecting a walker for use inside your home:

  • The locking system should be easy to operate.
  • The design should allow you to make turns quickly when necessary.
  • You should be able to brake quickly if a child or pet runs into your path.
  • Lightweight designs allow you to comfortably move by furniture.