Vehicle Sand Blasters

Vehicle sand blasters for powerful cleaning

Designed to remove paint, rust and worn in dirt, vehicle sand blasters are must-have items for every garage that offers paint-work. They work by shooting finely ground silica sand at incredibly high speeds to remove surface layers. From standard sand blasters to cabinet models, you'll find the perfect garage equipment and tools right here on eBay.

You need to take special safety precautions when using sandblasters as silica is highly dangerous to humans. Breathing in the smallest amount can cause harm.

Portable vehicle sand blasters

You'll find single sand blaster guns that are designed for easy use. Choose a Neilsen sand blaster gun for something compact but highly functional. This model is highly economical as the grain is reused, whilst the high powered output easily removes paint and rust from metal parts. This gun comes with different blasting caps for a range of applications.

Or go for a Sealey sand blaster with a 22kg capacity for something with a more heavy-duty design. The compact design is highly portable with a carry handle, making it easy to transport around. And when it's not in use, simply wrap the hose around the body of the unit to keep it out of the way.

Cabinet vehicle sand blasters

Cabinet sand blasters are seriously functional items. They're easy to use and are highly safe as they keep all the silica inside a cabinet. Choose a model that has enough space inside for a range of different parts but is still compact enough for easy storage and transport.

Some models feature a top-loading system with a window door to the top for easy access. They typically come with two hand holes with built-in sand blaster gloves for a truly safe operation. You then pick up the sand blaster gun on the inside and spray items. The silica is extracted via a fan and used again next time.