Silver Bullion

Commemorative silver bullion

Start your collection of highly desirable silver bullion. Used to commemorate occasions with prints and special designs, collecting bullion preserves the money you invest. From silver sets to individual pieces, there's bullion and bars here on eBay for every collector. 

Silver bullion sets

Going for a set of silver bullion is the perfect way to kickstart your collection. Go for a set of six Britannia silver bullion coins from 2016. One side depicts Britannia whilst the other features the Queen's head and a 'two pounds' marking. 

A set of five Australian silver coins from 2016 are the perfect way to commemorate the country. A kangaroo design features on the tails side, with a Queen's head on the other. Originally pressed in 2016, these silver bullion coins are uncirculated and ideal for any collector's case. 

Or, go for a mixed set to broaden your collection. With Hawksbill turtles, Noah's Ark and Mexican prints, these add charm to any collection. 

Single silver bullion

A 4oz $100 note from 2013 mimics the largest American banknote in .999 silver. The font features Benjamin Franklin on the left whilst the rear shows Independence Hall with the iconic '100' vertically printed. 

Commemorate one of the most popular movie franchises around with a 1oz bullion coin depicting Marvel's Iron Man. Iron Man is shown in action on one side with the Queen's head on the flipside. 

Get yourself a classic piece of bullion with a Metalor 1KG silver bar. This hefty brick is a real investment and features 'Switzerland' and information about the bullion. An Engelhard c-series bar uses a bold 'big E' print to the front, with an Engelhard repeat print on the other side. 

For something a bit more unusual, go for a 0.45 calibre bullet. These pieces of bullion are one troy ounce and made from .999 silver. 

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