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Updating your kid's wardrobe seems to be a never-ending challenge, but with eBay's wide selection of kid's clothing, there's a big range from which to choose. Find all the latest styles that both you and your kids love for all ages, from babies and toddlers all the way up to teens. Browse girl's coats, baby girl clothes, boy's clothes, kid's shoes, girl's party dresses, infant trainers, and baby boy clothes from brands including Baby Gap and more! 

Everyday essentials

With a great selection of clothing and accessories, get them ready for the weekends, family events, or simply for relaxed days in the home with brands such as Alex and Alexa, Hopscotch, Next girls and Oshkosh. Refresh their wardrobes for the weekends with everyday essentials and pick up comfortable and durable pieces they'll want to wear again and again. Choose a selection of boy's and girl's tops that you can mix and match, super cute day dresses, and practical bottoms that go with various styles. Is a new academic term about to start? Get them prepped for school time thanks to the fantastic range of kids' school uniforms to get them ready when they head back to school. Have a special event coming up? Get your boys looking smart and dapper thanks to the selection of boy's suits, and get the girl's party ready in girl's party dresses with pretty lace, glittery and sequin designs they'll love. 


If you want something to protect your children between the bus stop and the school, a children's waterproof pac a mac might be a good option. Your child won't be out in the elements for very long, and the lightweight jacket can be stuffed into a school bag, so it doesn't get lost. If you're having trouble convincing your child to wear proper outdoor clothing, browse waterproof girl’s and boy’s coats with animal ears on the hood to entice them into compliance.

Kid's shoes

Dress little feet in the latest footwear in a range of sizes, colours, and fun designs and discover comfortable girl shoes, girl's trainers and boy boots. Browse well-loved and high-quality brands, including Clarks shoes for kids and bring a fresh look to your little one's footwear. Encourage their love of sports with durable and comfortable boy's trainers and the latest drops from Nike and Adidas for kids, and keep their tootsies warm and dry during the cooler seasons with cosy and waterproof girl's boots and boy's boots.