Car Fuel Cans

Never run out with car fuel cans

Ensure that you're prepared for every eventuality with a car fuel can. These handy items are filled up with petrol in case of a breakdown and can be easily used to top up your fuel tank. From smaller handheld units to larger 20-litre cans, you'll find the perfect item for your car right here on eBay. 

5L fuel cans

Perfect for smaller spaces, 5L fuel cans can easily be tucked away when not in use. They offer just enough petrol to get you going in the event of a breakdown. You can easily store these smaller units in the corner of your boot without taking up too much space. 

A CarPlan unleaded petrol can with a 5L capacity is the perfect handheld solution for vehicles that run on unleaded fuel. The bright green design matches the unleaded colour whilst a tight screw cap prevents leakage and the long nozzle is perfect for filling up your car. You'll also find small metal cans designed for use with petrol, featuring a classic red design. 

10L fuel cans

10L fuel cans combine the portability of a smaller model with added storage capacity. These larger fuel cans are perfect for slightly larger cars, or perfect for keeping stocked with fuel as a backup. These come in either plastic or metal designs in green or red, meaning use for unleaded or petrol respectively. 

You'll even find some of these cans that come with a handy can holder, perfect for keeping your boot space clear. These can be attached to the inner wall of your boot, or on the outside with your spare tyre. 

20L fuel cans

If you're after something with a much larger capacity, go for a 20L fuel can. These can hold up to 20L of fuel, more than enough to get you back on your way without having to fill up straight away. These typically come with a long spout so you can easily refill your car.