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Modern Board and Traditional Games

Whether it’s a rainy Sunday afternoon or a raucous festive treat, nothing brings family and friends together quite like a board game. From traditional board game favourites like Monopoly, Scrabble and Cluedo to modern board games like Balderdash, Scatergories and Taboo.

Themed Games

Many of the traditional board games have moved with the times to try to stay relevant and interesting. For example, you can now get Risk in a Game of Thrones version, Monopoly set in the Star Wars galaxy and Trivial Pursuit in a range of themes.

You can even buy a set that allows you to customise your Monopoly board to your own neighbourhood or your favourite TV show.

Deluxe and Luxury

Another way that games try to stand out is by producing a range of styles from basic to deluxe. For example, the basic Scrabble has just the board, plastic letters and racks, while the deluxe version has built in storage, luxury wooden letters and racks, an electronic timer and even a gold trimmed playing board.

Many other games also come in luxury versions so you can upgrade your favourite in style.

Traditional Games

Of course, with some traditional games, it is the sheer simplicity that makes them work. For example Jenga, Connect 4 or dominoes don’t need a board and so can be played almost anywhere. You can even find giant versions of these games to play in your garden in the summer months.

For all the new games and new versions, the traditional board game favourites still thrive, from chess and draughts to backgammon and ludo, although there are both themed and luxury versions of these games available on eBay. Chess is available with everything from the Star Trek cast to The Simpsons characters as the playing pieces.

Engaging, competitive and above all loads of fun, every family needs a few modern and traditional board games in the cupboard for a rainy day!

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