Vehicle Service Ramps

Vehicle service ramps for quality servicing

Raising a car into the air is imperative for carrying out certain checks and repairs, as looking under the bonnet can only take you so far. Every garage should be kitted out with at least one set of vehicle service ramps so you can check all the vital components of a car, perfect for detailed MOTs. From portable plastic to heavy-duty steel vehicle service ramps, you'll find the workshop equipment you're looking for here on eBay. 

Plastic vehicle service ramps

A set of Rhino Ramps use a robust plastic construction to make for a pair of extremely portable vehicle service ramps that can hold up to five tons. The 17-degree incline makes it easy for even the lowest vehicles to get checked whilst rubber feet stop any sliding when mounting these ramps. 

The raised edge stops you from going too far over the ramp whilst treads on the whole ramp improve vehicle traction. Simple stack these ramps on top of each other for quick and easy storage. 

Metal vehicle service ramps

Add some functionality to your garage with a Tech7 car ramp with a built-in hydraulic jack. The heavy-duty steel fabrication can handle up to 2 tons whilst the ladder-style ramp increases traction when driving a car up. The hydraulic jacks add another level oh adjustable height so you can get to the parts you need easily. 

For something with added practicality, you'll find a set of folding car ramps. Durable and long-lasting, these steel car ramps can be used for various applications. Fully unfold it to make for a motorcycle ramp, or use two for loading four-wheeled vehicles. Or, fold it down to make for a car ramp. Holes on the ramp add grip whilst a tall metal barrier stops you from driving off the ramp.