Vehicle Lifting Tools & Machines

Vehicle lifting tools and machines for every garage

Vehicle lifting tools and machines are imperative pieces of equipment for carrying out basic checks, services and repairs. Whether it's a set of car service ramps, a hydraulic engine crane or two post vehicle lift, you're sure to find whatever workshop equipment you need right here on eBay. 

Vehicle service ramps

A set of vehicle service ramps are perfect for raising a vehicle so you can perform quick checks and oil changes. This piece of equipment is the bare minimum that every garage needs to function efficiently. 

Steel vehicle ramps from Rhyas offer a durable yet lightweight solution. Ten crossbeams on the ramp add better traction so cars are stable, whilst a raised barrier at the end stops you from going over the edge. 

Or choose a set of vehicle ramps made for extra-wide vehicles. The wider ramps accommodate larger tyres, whilst an extension on the bottom of the ramp eases vehicles with an extra low clearance. 

Engine hoists

Engine hoists are imperative for carrying out engine repairs. Choose a SwitZer hydraulic crane for a compact yet effective machine. The engine attaches to the hook and chain to the top and secures it in place for repairs, maintenance or assembly. Transport and store this model easily thanks to the wheels and folding design. 

Vehicle lifts

If you need a vehicle to be raised higher for a long period of time, a vehicle lift is a must-have. Choose a two-post lift from Liftech to save yourself some space in your garage. The low-ceiling design ensures that this lift can easily fit in any sized garage, whilst the high lift capability gives you more than enough space to get underneath. 

The one side release mechanism adds safety to your work environment as the lift can only be lowered with a lever found on one side.