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Table and Chair Sets

Table and chair sets come in a huge variety of colours, styles and materials. When deciding what table and chair set to buy you will need to consider the size of the room and how it will be used. It is also worth making sure that the set matches the colour scheme of the room.

Materials for table and chair sets

Most table and chair sets are made from solid woods or various metals, but plastic sets are available. Solid wood furniture is a popular choice for most people as they look more natural. Whereas metal table and chair sets tend to be quite popular because they are sturdy and hardwearing. These table and chair sets are a lot heavier than plastic sets and are more of a permanent fixture.

Plastic table and chair sets

Plastic table and chair sets are easy to care for and clean. When compared to many wood and metal sets, they are relatively lightweight and easy to move around. To clean and maintain a plastic table and chair set, simply wipe them down with a damp cloth and dry with a non abrasive material.

Seating options for table and chair sets

Table and chair sets with four chairs is the most common seating arrangement, but it is possible to buy sets with two chairs, six chairs or even more. Fold away chairs and tables are available for smaller dining rooms and kitchens.

Table and chair set styles

Most sets feature a square, rectangular or round table. Each room will suit a different shape of table depending on the size of space available and the layout. Rectangular tables are often better suited to seat a large number of people and can look better in long rooms.

Space saving table and chair sets

If space is an issue, a drop leaf table could be a good idea. This style has sides that fold down creating more room space when not in use. For drop leaf tables, the leaf will usually either be in a semi-circle or rectangle shape. This means that when the table is at its biggest size, it will either be oval or rectangular in shape.

Extender tables have an added piece of wood that's placed in the middle of the table to give a larger seating area. When the extender piece is not in use, the table area is smaller giving a space saving option for the room.