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From a round dining table to sit down for a delicious meal with family to a folding table that's perfect when you need additional seating in a small space, tables are an essential piece of furniture for the home. Need an extra table to hold snacks during game night? A nest of tables provides stylish yet practical functionality. Check out eBay's large range of tables in different shapes and sizes to fit any space and suit a variety of purposes and styles.

Dining room tables

A dining table is perfect for a family feast, late-night dinner, or simply taking a few minutes out of your day to eat a solo meal. Comfortably catering to a group of people, they are available in various sizes to fit any dining area. For those with less open space, an extendable dining table provides a great way to have a large table that takes up very little floor space when it is not in use, while a dining table and chairs allows you to create a matching look across your furniture effortlessly. 

Console tables

Console tables are narrow and long, making them suitable for hallways to create a stylish entranceway. They provide a great place to put down small items like keys or loose change when you enter or exit your home. A console table can also come with draws, creating additional storage space while setting the tone for the rest of your interior.  

Coffee tables

Coffee tables provide a great place to put drinks or magazines while relaxing on the sofa. They are available in many different heights and sizes, making it easy to find a coffee table that fits in with your current seating. 

Materials used for tables  

Tables are constructed from a number of different materials, the most common of which are wood, metal and glass. Each of these materials are suitable as they are durable and hardwearing, but it is worth considering which would best suit your requirements.

Wooden dining and bedside tables come in various finishes, from plain or varnished wood, which are great for traditional interiors, as well as painted wooden tables to create the perfect shabby chic look. Wooden tables are durable and long-lasting, although designs are typically more classic.

Metal and glass tables also come in a wide selection of contemporary designs and finishes. Whether you are looking for a moving glass coffee table or a small side table, there are many options available. Glass can come in a selection of colours and can include frosted patterns and designs. Although glass tables are robust and hardwearing, they may not be suitable for households with young children.

Modern tables and tables for children

Specifically designed to suit little ones, eBay has many tables and desks for younger children, which feature fun, child-friendly designs and sizes. Modern tables are durable and very low-maintenance pieces of furniture which can be cleaned with general household products for long-lasting performance. With such a wide selection of different tables available, it's easy to find one that suits your style, space and budget.