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Benches can be bought for almost any room in the house,as well as for use in the garden or other outdoor areas. They are available in a variety of materials, but they are usually made from wood. Metal and plastic benches are also available, and it is now possible to buy benches made from recycled materials.

Benches for inside the home

Indoor benches come in a wide variety of styles. They'll either be backless or have backs and armrests. Some will come with storage and be upholstered, but other styles will just be made from plain wood. As most benches are in neutral shades they should suit most colour schemes.

Most indoor benches for dining rooms , living rooms and hallways will seat two or three people comfortably.

Hall tree benches

The hall tree bench is sometimes thought of as more of a storage solution than a seating area. However, the seating area can be used and is often a place for people to sit while getting ready to go out, put shoes or, or as a waiting area.

Hall tree benches will usually come with drawers at the base or a shoe rack and coat hooks at the top. Having so many uses means this style of bench is a great way of saving space in a hallway.

Benches for outdoor use

Classic wooden garden benches can be a stylish and practical addition to an outdoor space. A typical bench in this style would seat three to four people and it would have armrests for added comfort.

To preserve the wood, many people will add a finish to the bench. Different finishes will last differing amounts of time. Most finishes will need to be reapplied once a year.

Wooden and metal benches are another common outdoor option. Lightweight plastic benches are also available. Due to the weight of these benches, they'll be easier to move around the garden. They are a good option if you wanted to angle the seating area towards the sun as it moves throughout the day. Another bonus of plastic benches is that they are hard wearing in all weather conditions.

Outdoor garden and patio benches can be made from recycled materials and are becoming increasingly popular. This style is very hard wearing in any type of weather condition, as well as being easy to care for.

Benches made from recycled materials are also very good for the environment. Many of them have a very similar look to wood and would work well in any of the places a wooden bench would be placed.