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Vehicle oils, fluids & lubricants

Whether you have a car, truck or motorbike, maintaining your vehicle’s engine is an important task. Lubricants, fluid, engine oil and greases play a big role in keeping your car running as smoothly as it can. They are used to limit friction and cool down the moving parts within your vehicle, which helps to reduce wear and tear. Using the right oils and lubricants will ensure your engine, and your car, is working efficiently. 

Car engine oil 

Engine oil, also known as motor oil, is a specific type of lubricant made for use in engines. Engine oil can be either mineral, synthetic or semi-synthetic. Older car models typically use mineral oils, made from refined crude oil. The most commonly used car engine oil type is semi-synthetic, as they have a much higher performance than mineral oils, usually at a better price.

Transmission fluid 

One of the most essential fluids in a car, transmission fluid lubricates the metal gears and bearings insides a gearbox. Transmission fluid is also used in automatic transmissions, where it also offers hydraulic pressure to help the internal parts keep moving. For both manual and automatic vehicles, transmission fluid plays the vital role of allowing gears to shift smoothly while keeping the transmission cool.


Antifreeze is an important fluid to have in your engine. As the name implies, it stops the water in the engine from freezing. Without antifreeze you could have big issues with your vehicle’s engine during the colder months. However, antifreeze is needed year round, as it also provides the important benefit of keeping your engine cool!

Oil and lubricants

 There are so many different types of oil and lubricants for your vehicle. Depending on what you need, you can choose from fluids, spray lubricants like WD-40 or thicker greases. Remember to research what type of oil and lubricants your vehicle needs, not all engines are exactly the same. Shop a huge range of fluids, engine oil and lubricants on eBay, from top brands including Castrol, Mobil and Shell.