Kitchen Carts

Stylish and functional kitchen islands and carts

Kitchen islands and carts add an extra surface to your kitchen, perfect for truly maximising your space. A kitchen island is perfect for larger homes where space is abundant, whilst kitchen carts are better suited to smaller spaces as they can be wheeled out and tucked away with ease. You'll find a range of quality islands and carts here on eBay, from full wooden ones to metal models. 

Kitchen islands

Add some intrigue to your home with a genuine butcher's block kitchen island that doubles up as a table. This thick, solid wood table is perfect for placing at the centre of a smaller kitchen and used as a mini island. The block effect tabletop is truly eye-catching and can be removed for cleaning. 

An Ikea STENSTORP kitchen island is a functional piece of furniture that offers added surface space as well as additional storage areas. The oak tabletop adds a classic feel to your home whilst the white legs match the traditional style. Two shelves on one side are great for storing plates, bowls or other kitchen items whilst the other side is fully open and can be used to sit at. 

Get yourself an oak kitchen island with a granite tabletop for added durability. Various draws and cupboards increase storage space whilst the traditional style and colour fit in with any style of decor. 

Kitchen carts

Kitchen carts open up your kitchen space as they allow you to store a stack of items in one compact space that can be moved around. Choose a four-tiered wooden kitchen trolley for something to fit in with traditional furniture. White tiles on the top of the unit add style whilst four metal trays, as well as a small wooden drawer, let you store kitchen items. 

A metal kitchen trolley is a perfect addition to the modern home with a sleek design and either black or white plastic drawers for storage.