Boys' Hoodies

The Ins and Outs of Hoodies for Boys

Hoodies designed for the 2-16 age range for boys come in a huge variety of styles. Whether you are looking for a Fortnite hoodie for boys celebrating the famous video game, a football team hoodie to show allegiance to a particular club, or even a simple plain hoodie, they are all available on eBay. Check listings for new and used boy’s hoodies at affordable prices

How to wash a hoodie

Unless it is a pure woollen hoodie, which should be dry cleaned, hoodies are machine washable. You should use a cold wash to prevent shrinking of the material and a mild detergent to avoid damage to the fabric. It is advisable to turn the hoodie inside out before placing it in the washing machine. This helps to protect the texture of the fabric and any artwork featured on the front.

How long-lasting is a hoodie?

A good hoodie should last for several years if given proper care. Young children grow out of their clothes quickly, but the loose and casual style of a hoodie means it can be worn for longer without appearing too small for the wearer. While is essential to keep your clothing clean, don't wash a hoodie too often. It is recommended to wash a hoodie after around six ordinary daily wearings to preserve the fabric.

The unique properties of different hoodie fabrics

Hoodies are made in a diverse range of fabrics. They are all equally stylish, but each fabric has its unique properties and manufacturers use blends of fabric to obtain a competitive quality. The common and popular materials for boys' hoodies include:

  • Polyester Fleece: Polyester fleece is soft, warm, and hard-wearing, but also retains sweat, so it's commonly blended with another fabric to improve its 'breathability'.
  • Cotton: The advantage of cotton is that it is long-lasting but tends to be more expensive unless blended with another fabric such as polyester.
  • Wool: Wool offers plenty of warmth but is delicate, so it's almost always blended with other fabrics.
The world of Fortnite hoodies

A wide range of sports clothing companies market Fortnite hoodies for boys. They include well-known brands such as Adidas, Fruit of the Loom, and Nike, but also many less well-known companies. Fortnite hoodies for boys are especially colourful. Traditionally, black and grey are the common colours for boys' hoodies, but more colourful versions are available, especially for boys in the 2-16 year age range.