Presentation Microphones & Speakers

Presentation Microphones and Speakers

When giving a presentation, whether at college, university or for business purposes, a PA (Public Announcement) system is a standard requirement for reaching your audience. A wide range of presentation microphones and speakers can be found at varying prices, depending on the requirements of the speaker and the size of the audience.

Presentation microphones and speakers available

A PA system is an ideal buy for people who do a lot of public speaking, including party entertainers, buskers, and teachers. A comprehensive microphone and speaker set is a compact, easily transportable solution for all public speaking purposes.

A standard portable PA system includes 2 wireless microphones, allowing you to take full advantage of the stage without the hassle of wires, and the option of bringing on a second speaker or guest.

This compact cabinet holds a 50w speaker and the twin wireless microphones come with optional echo effect. This comprehensive unit ideal for classrooms, singing practice, business meetings, parties and speech days.

Offering mains power or internal battery charging, and USB for connecting a media player, this is a versatile PA weighs just over 7kg and is suitable for countless public speaking tasks. Coming in at the middle of the price spectrum, this is an ideal buy for people needing to reach a large audience.

On a smaller scale, a waistband amplifier with headset microphone is ideally suited to speakers who need to move around and keep their hands free, for example a gym coach, teacher, businessman or public speaker.

Allowing complete freedom of movement whilst amplifying your voice, this battery operated waistband unit helps to keep your audience engaged on the subject matter.

A waistband amplifier and headset mic is a convenient solution for public speakers who need to travel to make small presentations in conference rooms, as this lightweight, compact presentation microphone and speaker system fits easily into a zipper compartment.

This item can be found at competitive prices, and makes an ideal purchase for those needing to be heard by small audiences.