Medical Microscopes

Take a Closer Look with Microscopes

Microscopes are essential for taking a closer look at a cell sample or a similarly tiny object. eBay's new and used microscopes can be useful for students, professionals, and amateurs alike. To narrow down your search for a microscope on eBay, take a look at these common customer questions.

What types of microscopes are there?

There are many different types of microscopes in this category, and each type of instrument magnifies items using different mechanisms. Among all of the different models, there are three basic categories:

  • Compound microscopes: Compound microscopes are powerful microscopes that magnify items on glass slides. They have two or more convex lenses, and they can magnify objects by between 40 and 100 times. The images rendered by these microscopes are two-dimensional, and they are either monocular, binocular, or trinocular in design. Aside from light sources, these microscopes do not have any electronic components.
  • Digital microscopes: Digital microscopes do not magnify using glass lenses. Instead, they use high-powered digital cameras to take detailed pictures of objects that have been presented for magnification. These types of microscopes are generally smaller than compound microscopes.
  • Pocket microscopes: If you want to have a microscope that you can take around with you everywhere you go, a pocket microscope might be what you're looking for. These microscopes are small enough to fit inside your pocket, and they generally come with built-in lights for clear magnification.
Can you connect these microscopes to a computer?

Yes, some of the microscopes in this category can be connected to computers. Almost all digital microscopes, for instance, come with USB connectors, and when you plug these devices into your computer, you can view what your microscope is magnifying in real time. You can even take pictures or videos of the items that you're magnifying for future reference when you connect digital scopes to your computer.

How do you pick the right microscope?

You'll need to consider your intended application in detail as you pick the microscope that's right for your purposes. If you plan to do a lot of lab work and don't foresee yourself moving your microscope around a lot, a traditional compound scope might be right for you. However, since digital scopes are lightweight and portable, they may be more convenient if you see a lot of field work in your future. eBay's selection of microscopes is varied and offers microscopes for a variety of applications.