Adjustable Power Supplies

Adjustable Power Supplies Are Necessary for Testing Electrical Components

Having an affordable adjustable power supply is an essential tool for testing many different types of electrical items. There are many sizes, power types, and power adjustment options in available in power supplies. Whether you need one of these handy tools in the classroom, in your job, or as a tool in a particular hobby, you will be able to easily find an affordable used adjustable power supply for sale on eBay that will suit your needs.

Maximum voltage output

The adjustable power supplies you will see listed for sale on eBay come in different voltages, which is the measurement for the pressure of the electrical charge. These are the maximum voltages you will commonly see:

  • 240 V
  • 120 V
  • 60 V
  • 50 V
  • 36 V
  • 30 V
  • 15 V
  • 12 V
Maximum current output in amperes

Adjustable power supplies are rated as to their current output in amperes, which is the power ratings of the flow of electricity. These are typical maximum amp power capacities you will receive on an adjustable power supply:

  • 50 A
  • 30 A
  • 20 A
  • 10 A
  • 5 A
  • 3 A
  • 2 A
  • 1 A
What adjustable power supply types can you find on eBay?

You can find reasonably priced variable power supplies on eBay that work as either a switch-mode power supply or a linear power supply. A switched-mode variable power supply is an electronic power supply that utilizes a switching regulator to convert electrical power. In contrast to a linear power supply, the transistor switches continuously between dissipation states to vary the ratio of on and off times. A linear power supply continuously converts the AC to DC with a constant output by dropping excess voltage in a series dissipative component. A switch-mode power supply is more efficient than a linear power supply but can create more noise.

How are these power supplies adjusted?

Adjusted power supplies can be adjusted using three different methods. They can be locally adjustable with a built-in potentiometer or remotely adjustable through a potentiometer that is remotely located. They can be adjusted with a programmable analog method using a remote voltage source or a programmable digital method using USB, RS232, or ethernet.

Main manufacturers of adjustable power supplies

There are many different makes and models of affordable adjustable power supplies. These are some of the manufacturers of the adjustable power supplies you may see on eBay:

  • HP
  • B&K Precision
  • Agilent
  • Tekpower
  • Tektronix
  • GW Instek
  • Kikusui