Beach Balls

Everything You Need to Know About Beach Balls

Beach balls conjure instant summer memories but can be used year-round to bring that summer vibe back whether you are at the beach, pool, or around your house. There is a wide selection of different sizes, types, and styles of affordable beach balls for sale in the UK available on eBay for your consideration.

Types of beach balls for sale in the UK

You can find many types of inflatable beach balls in the UK on eBay. The classic striped model, the football beach ball, and the smiley face ball are always good options. Cute pastel beach balls and ones with cartoon characters are fun for children. Some of the other images you can find on a beach ball are animals, glitter, planets, and fruits such as watermelon. Nothing gets a pool party going like a cheap giant red beach ball. See the manufacturer's site for details.

What sizes do beach balls come in?

The average beach ball has a diameter from 16 to 24 inches. Smaller beach balls, starting at 6 inches, can be easier to use for younger children. Giant beach balls tend to have a diameter around 42 inches but can be even larger.

How do I find cheap beach balls?

Typically, beach balls are not expensive. You can buy the same type of beach balls in bulk in the UK which can lower the price even more. You find several different inexpensive beach balls on eBay.

What material is a beach ball made from?

Cheap inflatable beach balls in the UK are made primarily from plastic material. They usually consist of several plastic panels with a valve inserted during the production process. The valve allows air to be placed inside of the ball either with a pump or by you putting your mouth over the valve to blow air into it to inflate the ball. The lightweight plastic with the combination of air inside allows the cheap beach ball to float.

Can beach balls be made of fabric?

Yes. You can find fabric beach balls available for purchase. These balls have a fuzzy material on the outside while they hold air on the inside making them a good option for small children to play with. See the manufacture's site for details. Fabric beach balls are approximately 9 inches in diameter and are available in six assorted colours like green, neon green, pink, light pink, orange, and yellow. These inflatable fuzzy beach balls have funny faces that make them attractive to small children and people of all ages.