Buy a Fruit Machine and Expand Your Gaming Enjoyment

Easy to use with zero learning curve, a fruit machine adds to any gaming setup. Just drop in the coins, pull the handle or push the button, and let the reels spin. Suitable for commercial premises or residential enjoyment, eBay offers a range of coin-operated fruit machines available to buy.

What types of reel-spinning fruit machines are available?

Also called a slot machine, a fruit machine comes in three main formats:

  • Multiplier: Pay-offs on a multiplier are proportionate to the coins played. For example, if the machine can take in three coins at once and you play with a single coin, the three bars would pay you back 10. For two and three coins, the payback will be 20 and 30, respectively.
  • Buy-a-pay: On a buy-a-pay machine, the first coin played would let you win only a cherry combination, the second coin will activate bar payouts, and the third coin will activate sevens. Those in the know would play the maximum number of coins allowed.
  • Progressive: On a progressive fruit machine, players are actively encouraged to play the maximum number of coins. By lining up the symbols, you eventually get a percentage of every coin played.
What is payout line and how many could there be?

A payout line in a physical fruit machine is the line that lists out the winning combinations and the payout from the game. A fruit machine could have a single, or three or five payout lines. Most reel-spinning machines are single payout line types painted across the glass centre. Some machines could also have nine payout lines, on which one to five credits can be bet.

What payouts are associated with which symbols?

Commonly available on a fruit machine are cherries, double bars, bars, sevens, and triple bars. The payout varies with the symbols. For instance:

  • A single cherry could fetch you two coins.
  • Double and triple bars on the payout line could get you 10 coins.
  • Three single bars, three double bars, and three triple bars would pay you 30, 60, and 120 coins, respectively.
  • Most importantly, three sevens would win you a jackpot.
How does the fruit machine detect counterfeit currency?

Fruit machines have a currency validator/detector installed that ascertains whether the coins or notes are genuine. The checking process entails various tests. If the coins are acceptable, the machine retains them in its storage container. If they are fake, they are returned to the user.