George VI Sovereign Coins (1936-1952)

George VI sovereign coins 1936-1952 for every collection

Perfect for any avid coin collector, George VI sovereign coins from 1936-1952 are highly collectable pieces of history. Sovereign coins are gold coins from Britain that are worth £1. Now pieces of bullion, they're highly collectable and often used as part of jewellery for a retro touch of style. 

Whether you're an amateur enthusiast or a lifelong hobbyist, there's something for everyone here on eBay from individual collectable British coins to full sets of special edition coins in cases. 

Single George VI sovereign coins 1936-1952

Get yourself a George VI sovereign gold-plated restrike coin, the perfect way to bulk out your coin collection. Or go for a full sovereign coin from 1913 depicting George VI for a truly original piece with a higher value. 

A King George VI sovereign coin from 1937 is a highly sought-after piece. With only 5001 of these issued, it really is an essential coin for your collector's cabinet. 

King George VI sovereign coin sets 1936-1952

Take your collection to the next level with a set of gold proof George VI coins. Coming in a premium red case with royal branding and a matching border in gold, the sovereign coins are kept safe. A satin-lined inside adds another touch of luxury and is the perfect material for long-term coin storage. The coins themselves are a five-pound coin, two-pound coin, sovereign and George VI half-sovereign coins

Other coins from King George VI's time include farthings, half-pennies and shillings. Get one of each of the available coins to get yourself a full collection of collectable King George VI coins. 

Or take your love for England and coins to the next level with coins from other monarchs that reigned over the years. From Queen Elizabeth to Queen Victoria, there's really something for every collector.