Hardware Railwayana

Hardware Railwayana

Hardware is defined as tools, machinery and other durable equipment, so in this listing, you will find a range of lanterns, tools, dining items, badges, plates and signs that have been used on the various Railway networks since the 1940s. Hardware and Railwayana may even include documentation of signage relating to railways.

Browse by category, era, company or region, with offering from as early as 1940, companies covering British Rail and GWR to the Eurostar and regions covering the UK, Ireland and America.


Railway tools are of great value to the serious collector and can range from large items such as stokers shovels and vintage iron coal clinkers to tiny pieces such as rivets from steam boilers or rubber stamps used by guards of bygone eras.

Dining Items

From the old days of British Rail to individual Train Operating Companies, you will find something interesting in dining items for every occasion. Wineglasses embossed with company logos, commemorative mugs and placemats, silver British Rail tableware from the 1930s to the 1950s and a huge range of embossed cutlery items all feature frequently and all make great additions to a Railwayana collection.

Lanterns and Lamps

Lanterns and lamps have always been a safety feature in railway operation, but their design has altered considerably over the years and this is reflected in the items you will find for sale in this category. From paraffin and oil lamps to early battery models, these are sought-after collectible items. Even for the casual enthusiast though, some of the old-fashioned paraffin lamps that are still in working order would make lovely garden ornaments and a great conversation starter for garden parties. Some of the later antique models had a range of coloured lenses and could be changed from white light to red, amber and green for emergency signalling.