LCD Display Modules

About LCD Display

If you are a fan of building or prototyping your own electronics, you already know how hard it can be to find the exact type of components you need. Your builds can really benefit from more advanced components, including LCD displays. If you are an Arduino user, there are many Arduino LCD displays, repurposed LCD screens that are compatible, and shields to add the display output to your creations. The LCD display modules you find from the trusted sellers on eBay come in many different sizes, starting with screens that shows 2 rows of 16 characters, 4 rows of 20 characters, and low resolution graphical displays with dimensions of 240 by 128 or 128 by 64. If you need to replace screens for your devices, such as Android tablets, you can also find digitizer 7-inch LCD displays for your model. These LCD displays can be found from the list of sellers, many of whom offer convenient shipping options, so you can get your screens at a time that is good for you.