Mobile & Touring Caravans

Travel the Countryside With a Touring Caravan

Long holidays can be super affordable when you own your own touring caravan. You can find large selections of these touring caravans for sale on eBay at reasonable prices. Both new and pre-owned mobile touring caravans are available.

How big are touring caravans?

The majority of touring caravans for sale in the UK have four sleeping spaces. However, you can also find two-, five-, and six-berth touring caravans for sale as well. They can be connected to electricity at a campsite or run off their own batteries. They all attach to a trailer hitch on a vehicle and can be towed wherever you want to go.

Some features of touring caravans

With many different brands and models to choose from, you will find loads of different features. Standard on most tourers are gas cookers, a fridge, a freezer, and a bathroom. There is generally an area to entertain and an area for sleeping. Additionally, different models might have features like awnings, pop-out expansions, and removable carpets for easy cleaning.

Are touring caravans for sale new or used?

You can find a variety of used touring caravans for sale. Some models are in like-new condition while others might need some TLC or can be used for parts. Some models are classic caravans that have been completely restored, keeping their retro style. Many listings have detailed pictures to alert you of the overall condition of the caravan. The manufacturing dates range from 1952-2010.

Touring caravan models

There are many affordable makes and models of touring caravans available for purchase. A few of the caravan models available for purchase include the following:

  • Avondale Argente - 2009
  • Bailey Senator Wyoming - 2008
  • Avondale Dart 515-4 - 1998
  • Ace Jubilee Viceroy - 2004
  • Bailey Pegasus 546 - 2010
Selecting a touring caravan

Finding the right touring caravan to meet your needs is easy when you shop on eBay. You can quickly compare different caravan models side by side for added convenience in making your decision. Determine how big you would like your caravan to be. Larger caravans will require the use of a larger vehicle for towing and may use more petrol. Smaller models like two-berth caravans can be towed by most vehicles. You will also want to figure out what optional features are necessary for you. Consider how you would like the caravan to be powered and if you have the storage space for it when you're not using it.