Original Video Game Cases & Boxes

Organize Your Collection Using Original Video Game Cases and Boxes

A video game case can have some great artwork or information about the game that draws you in and looks nice on your shelf. If you have a lot of video games that do not have holders, you can find affordable video game cases on eBay that are from the original packaging.

Are there different types of video game boxes?

Yes, empty video game cases can come in a few types, and you can choose the one that matches your needs or meets your budget. A couple of the main choices you will come across here are:

  • Standard case - This is the regular version of a video game case that you can purchase as a replacement for any lost or destroyed game box. It is designed to contain all the original artwork and plot points about the game in question.
  • SteelBook - A SteelBook is a special type of replacement video game case. In most cases, it refers to a collector's box that can hold your video game disc. SteelBook video game cases may feature artwork that is altered from the original box or extra features as part of a special edition.
Common accessories for video game boxes

When you look on eBay, you can choose from new and preowned video game boxes. However, some of the replacement video game cases that you find may include additional things along with the case. Some of the items you might get with your game boxes include:

  • Manuals - Your replacement game case may include the original instruction manual for the game.
  • Maps - Some SteelBook versions of the video game boxes might include maps of the open world in the game or stickers you can collect.
  • Art - In addition to the art on the box, some video game cases might have small books that show you more of the concept work that the game designers did during development.
Can you get video game boxes for different platforms?

Each video game box you come across on eBay will be associated with a different platform. You may have multiple platforms or consoles, and you can find empty game boxes that match each one for your needs. Some of the common options you will come across might include general PC game boxes, Xbox cases, Wii replacement game cases, or PlayStation video game boxes. These cases can also span multiple game genres.