Press-On Nails

Press-On Nails for Glamorous Hands

Bitten and broken nails can cause a poor impression in any social encounter. To brighten your outfit, repair a broken nail, or dress for a special occasion, consider press-on on nails from eBay. Available pre-coloured, French-tipped for a more natural look, or plain and ready for your favourite polish, press-on nails can be an excellent addition to your bag of beauty tricks.

What to look for in press-on nails

The set stick-on nails that you should choose depends on your shape preferences, the occasion, and how much you will need to use your hands. The type of attachment ranges from a simple stick-pad to special glue that will hold them on for longer. If the acrylic nail is opaque, you can file them down to match your preferred style. But for instantaneous nail length, pick a pre-shaped nail in a stiletto, oval, coffin, or square design.

Can acrylic press-on nails help you to stop biting your nails?

Yes. Nail-biting is sometimes a sign of anxiety, and when the biter also feels anxious about biting their nails, this can start up a chew-cycle - the sight of bitten nails triggers the urge to bite. Artificial nails can be very useful for stopping biting and this works in two ways:

  • Using snap-on nails or press-on nails can break the chew-cycle as they create a neat, smooth, elegant look. As some of the urge to bite is due to ragged edges, removing the visual stimulus offers an incentive to stop.
  • Acrylic press-on nails are difficult to bite through. Tougher than natural nails, they do not split as readily. Chewing on an acrylic nail quickly becomes an exercise in futility, and this can also help to break the habit.
What length nails to choose

Although you may be buying a set of press-on nails to fix a broken natural nail - and therefore you'll want to match the style to your existing manicure - there are three standard lengths to consider:

  • Short press-on nails are ideal for those who spend their workday at a keyboard or in actively manual trades. If you have small children who require a lot of attention, shorter press-on nails are a way to retain your dexterity but enjoy a little well-deserved shine.
  • Mid-length press-on nails are perfect for job interviews, allowing you to present a neat and polished persona. Generally only reaching just past the tip of your finger, this length is only mildly disruptive to your ability to use your hands and, once you get used to them, you'll forget you're even wearing them.
  • Long snap-on nails are ideal for formal events when a glamorous appearance is very important. Accessorise with charms, painted designs, or tactile polishes. Diamanté chips can add even more gloss to your appearance and will be sure to catch the light in selfies.