Protective Netting & Mesh

Protect Your Crop and Plants with Garden Netting

You work hard to maintain your garden. Naturally, you want to protect your crop. With the garden netting choices on eBay, you can preserve your harvest without using chemicals or traps.

What are some of the uses for garden netting?

Aside from keeping plants safe from pests, garden netting reduces your reliance on chemical deterrents. You can also use this flexible mesh to save plants from strong winds and chills. Additionally, the barrier helps prevent weeds from mixing with healthy vegetation.

How does garden netting protect plants from pests?

The spaces in the netting allow sunlight, rain, and air to reach plantlife. At the same time, it prevents foraging animals from destroying your garden. When shopping for netting to protect your fruits and vegetables from plant-devouring insects, birds, squirrels, and other animals, consider these choices.

  • Insect netting: Tight mesh with minuscule holes can ward off most bugs. However, if you have tiny insects like the flea beetle plaguing your garden, consider ultra-fine, gauze-like mesh.
  • Butterfly netting: The openings in this type of mesh are about 7mm in diameter.
  • Bird netting: Heavy-duty garden netting has spaces large enough to allow pollinating insects inside your fruit cage while preventing determined birds from nipping at produce.
  • Small animal control netting: Stops furry freeloaders like squirrels, rabbits, and rodents from damaging the crop.
  • Large animal control netting: Wire netting serves as a deterrent for deer and other sharp-teeth animals.
Should you choose soft or rigid garden netting?

When exploring your netting options, you should think about where you will place the netting. For example, if you want to lay a barrier on top of plants, opt for soft netting. However, if you’re looking to create a support structure for climbing plants, rigid netting is a suitable choice. Check out the options below.

  • Fabric: Soft fabrics like nylon have superior stretching capabilities and help protect tender plants. Fleece netting is ideal to block frost, wind, and hail from damaging plants.
  • Plastic: Made from polyethene, PVC, or fibreglass materials, this type of netting is stiffer than fabric and more yielding than wire barriers.
  • Wire: The stiff fibres of copper or aluminium work well for temporary or permanent applications.
Does the netting pattern matter?

Most garden screens have either a square or diamond pattern. Although the shapes are aesthetically pleasing, they also determine how the netting will stretch or hang. The square shapes will hang perfectly, while diamond netting offers more stretch.