RC Model Vehicles & Kits

RC Model Vehicles and Kits

Operating remote controlled vehicles is a great hobby for all ages, whether it’s a fun family hobby with children or a more serious professional endeavour. An extensive range of RC model vehicles and kits are available, covering everything from cars and trucks to aircraft, boats and more.

If you’re looking for a starter RC vehicle that will not be used professionally and is more suited to being operated by children, then it’s best to browse toy grade vehicles. These are often more cost effective, simple to use and a great starting point for those looking to get into the hobby, especially from a young age.

However, if you’re a professional hobbyist a hobby grade RC vehicle is likely to be the most appropriate. There is an amazing range of choice in this area and often enthusiasts will spend a lot of time and money on buying new parts and accessories to continually improve their vehicle’s performance. Hobby grade RC model vehicles and kits have been designed for this purpose, and include the ability to replace and exchange parts as needed.

Often hobby grade RC vehicles are put under a high degree of pressure, especially when being used competitively, so owners tend to invest in the best car they can afford as well as various pieces and parts to help with improvements and repairs.

The advantage of buying a completed vehicle as opposed to a kit is that you’ll be able to take to the road quicker.

Those with more experience may choose to buy a kit where they are able to assemble their RC model vehicle at home. If you have plenty of room, a quiet environment and all the necessary tools this can be an extremely rewarding process and there is a wide variety of kits to choose from.