RC Petrol/Nitro Engines

RC Petrol/Nitro Engines

RC petrol and nitro engines are best way to power your new hobby, perfect for use in your favourite car or plane model. Long-produced by companies such as Mills and Saito, miniature petrol and nitro engines are available in a range of capacities and power outputs to fulfil any model vehicle enthusiast’s needs.

When it comes to sourcing your new engine for your model vehicle, there are several key differences between the engines that you need to consider before buying. As the engine is the most important part of any vehicle, it’s well worth carrying out a bit of prior research so you have a good idea of what parts you are likely to need.

A nitro engine, powered by a mixture of nitro-methane and methanol, produces considerably more power than an equivalent sized petrol engine. This allows them to be smaller and lighter.

However, this extra power comes at a cost; nitro engines are known to wear out quicker and require more frequent rebuilds and tinkering than the more robust petrol engines. They also burn through their fuel considerably quicker.

Petrol engines that run on conventional gasoline are tried and tested and used in cars across the world. As such, they are reliable and easy to work on. However, they produce less power than a nitro engine, and, due to the fact they use spark plugs and need an ignition system, they’re invariably bigger and heavier too.

The type of engine you decide to go for depends entirely on the application you intend for it. For something small and light that requires a great power-to-weight ratio, such as an RC helicopter, a nitro engine might work perfectly. Whereas for larger vehicles that might be used for longer periods of time and require reliability and good fuel consumption, such as larger model aircraft, a petrol engine might just fit the bill.