RC Quadcopter & Multicopter Models & Kits

RC Quadcopter and Multicopter Models and Kits

Have fun taking photos from up high with RC quadcopter and multicopter models and kits. Browse between basic models and high end copters to find the perfect one for you.

What are Quadcopters and Multicopters?

Quadcopters and multicopters are helicopters that are powered with multiple rotors; each rotor has its own motor and propeller to control it. They are very similar to drones in their uses and purposes but are used only for recreational purposes. For this reason, the rules on where you can use them are a bit broader.

Multicopters are great for taking photographs in your neighbourhood; just watch out to make sure you’re not violating any privacy rules or laws when you’re using them.

Things to Keep in Mind

Aside from price, things to consider while buying quadcopters and multicopters include whether or not they have cameras and the specs of the cameras. When it comes to cameras, you do get what you pay for in terms of photo quality, capabilities and resolutions.

Flight time is a major consideration in choosing a copter. Flight time refers to the amount of time that a copter can fly for before you have to charge it. The factors that can affect this include not only battery but also the size and weight of the copter and some of the manoeuvres that they capable of.

Other specifications that you may want to consider when choosing your copter include the skills and functions that the copter has, including speed and stability. You may also want to think about the controller, including how it works and how you can see where your copter is going.

Spare Copter Parts

Aside from building your own, you might need replacement parts if anything on your unit breaks, including the blades to keep the rotors functioning at full performance.